Inca Layer Water
Inca Layer Water
Inca Layer Water

Inca Layer Water

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Organic sacha inchi oil, also known as fruit of youth grown in the Andes, Inca berry(Physalis Peruviana Fruit) extract, and hyaluronic acid, together create a layer on skin providing immediate smoothing and balancing.

Pure Medi™ and marine collagen help enhance skin flexibility.

Control the balance of oil and water

  • Andes organic sacha inchi oil
  • Andes physalis peruviana fruit Ex.

Improve skin flexibility


  • High concentration of Pure MediTM
  • Marine collagen


Hydrate skin

  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Gamma PGA

Relieve skin stress and irritation

Directions : Apply an adequate amount liberally over entire face.

Inca Layer Water