Nanosoul Sweet Touch Deep Cleanser

Nanosoul Sweet Touch Deep Cleanser

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Nanosoul Sweet Touch Deep Cleanser

Extra moist Sweet Touch Deep Cleanser, as if nourished by honey.



  • All in one pack & Cleansing

    Deep cleanse and take care of your skin at the same time with a nutritious honey pack. Keep your skin moist and soft without irritation

    The non-ionic decyl glucoside ingredients from honey, sugar beet, corn, coconut and palm kernel oil, and the patented natural and cytokine-free ingredients promote collagen production, gently cleanse your pore and removes makeup. It can be used for sensitive skin as well.

  • Contains the patented moisturizing ingredient, Pure Medi!
    It is a moisturizer that protects the sensitive skin barrier and provides moisture externally. 

    It contains ingredients like Asparagin, Saccharides, Betaine, Dietry Fiber, and Chlorine. Other various mineral ingredients help your skin stay healthy with the whitening and moisturizing effect.

  • Pure Medi patented ingredients from natural derived formula

    Pure Medi is a cytokine-free mixed extract with the effect to inhibit collagenase and to promote collagen production. It can thus keep your skin healthy and beautiful by improving your skin texture and preventing your skin from getting rough. 

    1. Characteristic of Phragmites Rhizome 
      Phragmites Rhizome means the roots of tall reeds. Dried Phragmites Rhizome has a flat cylinder shape with the yellowish white glossy surface. Its nodal area is relatively hard and vivid yellow with vertical wrinkles between the nodes. It is usually collected in late Spring or early Summer or Autumn. It can then be freshly used or dried in the sun after removing the clay and fibrous roots and peeling it off. Phragmites Rhizome has the efficacy to lower the fever, to stop the nausea by causing the secretion. It has been also used to cure fever-induced vomiting, esophageal cancer, lung abscesses and to help detoxication of blowfish poison. It also acts as a sun-screening agent, promotes the proliferation of melanocytes, which helps your hair stay dark and shiny. It has been reported that Phragmites Rhizome provides whitening agents and nutrition to the skin when used as a whitening cream.

    2. Characteristic of Glasswort
      Glasswork grows in groups near coastal waters and Mudflat Salt Pond in the Yellow Sea, the Southern Coast of Korea, and islands such as Baengnyeong-island, Jeju-island, and Ulleungdo-Island. The botanical classification belongs to the genus Chenopodiaceae. Since it is fat with its nodes are swollen, it is called Salicornia Herbacea L. when translated in Korean. The Chinese medicine book has noted that Glasswort is extremely salty, rare, and even numinous. Glasswort is conserved as a natural monument in Japan, and used as a very high-end salad dish in France. 

  • Recommended to these types of skin! 
    1. Skin that needs to be moisturized without irritation
    2. Skin that needs hypoallergenic cleansing
    3. Sensitive skin due to external stimuli
    4. Dry Skin
    5. Sensitive skin

  • Use it as follows!
    1. Apply it to your skin
      Apply the appropriate amount of product to dry skin with your hands. 
    2. Quick-floating massage
      A minute after applying the product, gently massage it to your skin with little bit of water. 
    3. Rinsing
      rinse your skin using lukewarm to cold water. 
    4. Skin care routine
      help your skin absorb the moist by softly dabbing it, following with your daily skin care routine.